RDLC Council Candidate Questionnaire
Please complete the below questionnaire as part of your application for endorsement by the Regina and District Labour Council (RDLC). The RDLC currently represents over 31,000 members from over 19 different unions.

Survey deadline is July 17.
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1. What are the key infrastructure issues facing the City of Regina? How would you propose to pay for better public services in Regina? Infrastructure includes traditional infrastructure like public transit, roads and water in addition to social infrastructure projects like child care centres, affordable housing, libraries and emergency shelters.
2. Procurement policies developed by municipalities across Canada have prioritized living wages, decent work as well as environmental, social and economic impacts of purchasing decisions. What objectives, such as prioritizing local businesses or community benefits agreements that prioritize local jobs, apprenticeships and hiring for underrepresented groups, should the City of Regina prioritize in its procurement policies?
3. Public transit is a key infrastructure need and builds resilient and sustainable communities. In-house maintenance and driver safety are two issues in ensuring our public transit system serves the needs of the City of Regina. Will you advocate for driver shields to ensure the safety of drivers?
4. What is your position on public-private partnerships?
5. Would you support a motion supporting safe and accessible sidewalks that would allow for higher snow clearance rates on City of Regina Sidewalks?
6. Good jobs, fair wages and safe working conditions build strong communities. How can our municipal government play a role in defending and creating good jobs in the City of Regina?
7. How will you address housing needs and affordability in our community? What is your position on infill developments within the City of Regina?
8. It is critical that city council has an effective working relationship with its employees. Are you committed to respecting and promoting the integral role played by city employees in delivering quality services to Regina residents? What is one action you will take to ensure that the work of City of Regina employees is recognized and valued.
9. Unifor Local 594 workers were locked out by their employer, the Co-op Refinery Complex, for over 6 months. The City of Regina leased land to the CRC and provided approval for the building of replacement worker camps. What is the role of the City of Regina in addressing strikes and lock-outs?
10. If elected what is one concrete action that you will take to implement Regina’s Plan to End Homelessness. How would you cover the costs for the full implementation of the strategy?
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