Roots-n-Seeds Course Application Winter '19
Thanks for your interest in joining us this winter! At Third Root, we believe we all must have access to what we need to continue the work of healing ourselves & our communities, but we know that in our world, access is not equal and so we center the needs of women and gender non-conforming individuals, people with disabilities, survivors of trauma, elders, LGBTQI folks, and everyone with limited access to equitable health care & education. In order to center those of us who are most marginalized and in need of access, and assure there is alignment among the values held by our center & our students, we are asking you to complete this short application process. All are welcome in our space for healing, growth, and learning :)

Please let me know if you have any questions about anything on this application, and do know that we are so appreciative of your time. We know we won't be able to admit everyone who is interested in this round, but fear not- this course will be offered again in the summer & fall of 2019!

Hi! What's your name and what pronouns do you use? *
Please share the email or phone number you would like to be contacted at. *
Are you new to the Third Root community? If so, how did you hear about us? Been around for a while? Tell us a bit about what services & support you have accessed here. *
What about excites or intrigues you about herbalism and plant medicine? *
Have you ever taken any herbal education workshops or classes before? Tell us briefly about what herbal training you have participated in :)
How would you self-identify your level of knowledge and/or awareness of social justice, privilege, marginalization, and oppression *
Do you identify as a person with a disability or disabilities? Do you have any access needs? *
How do you self-identify your (1) racial/ethnic heritage or background? (2) your gender identity? (3) your raised/current class experience? *
What aspects of your identity do you feel that people notice quickly? *
What aspects of your identity do you feel are hidden from others? *
This course takes part in two arenas: in person and online in a google classroom. Participants in Roots-n-Seeds are expected to spend about 3hrs a week at home doing their at home medicine making experiments & participating in the online discussion forums in our google classroom. The online classroom is where you will receive the syllabus before our first class, where we have discussions on the herbal education themes & medicine makings of each week between classes, where you receive videos for how to make that weeks medicine, where you can ask and answer questions to support your at home medicine making experiments, and where you receive updates about what to bring to class each week.
This course offers 24 hrs of face-to-face learning and offers between class guidance/Q&A support online for your 24hrs of learning at home. The course is offered on a sliding scale of $250-600 for these learning hours and has a separate fee of $100 for materials. The materials fee covers most materials needed for in class & at home medicine making experiments (herbs, solvents/bases for making remedies, labels, cheesecloth, and printing handouts/binders) You may be required to pick up common household or kitchen items if you don't have them (such as a measuring cup or tablespoons/strainer/etc). For Guidance on how to locate yourself along our sliding scale, please visit
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