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Thank you for deciding to Volunteer with MHHS! Please fill out this short interest form in order to begin training to volunteer with us and our animals.

**Our next round of training begins on FEBRUARY 4, 2021.**

Please use the application below to reserve your virtual seat today! When the next round of volunteering begins, we will email you the link to to our Online Volunteer Orientation. We no longer offer classes in person, or onsite. Our Online Orientation is virtual.

Please note that this class is formatted in webinar style that can be viewed at your connivence from your own home.

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Age ** Please note that we do not have volunteer opportunities for anyone under 18 years old working directly with animals. If you are under 18, please refer to our website for other ways to help our animals out. https://mohawkhumane.org/offsite-opportunities ** *
Will these hours count towards Court Ordered, or School Related Community Service? **If you are applying for Community Service, please return to the Volunteer Start Up page and follow the instructions there. ** *
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