Documenting racism in the Mid-Columbia*

This survey's developers - a coalition of racial, social and environmental justice advocates - hope to gather current data regarding racism, discrimination, or obvious examples of privilege as exhibited by the different treatment of Black, Indigenous, Latina/o/x, People of Color—BIPOC.

While this survey is focused on racialized behaviors, we know a person's experience can be based on more than skin color, shades of skin color (colorism), religion, or national origin, and may be intersectional in nature. While our focus is on racialized biases, please feel free to indicate other contributing factors in the 'other' choice when you think it is applicable.

*Mid-Columbia is Richland, Pasco, Kennewick, West Richland, and areas served by the Mid-Columbia Library system.

• Participation in this survey is voluntary and fully confidential. No names, birth dates or identifying information are collected.
• This is a safe and anonymous place to document harms.
• We encourage broad participation so that we can begin to bring people together to address the root causes of systemic racism and begin to create an ANTI-racist community.
• This form will allow multiple responses per internet address, so family members (or housemates) using a shared computer may respond individually.

Our intent is to report our findings—anonymously—in Tumbleweird alternative newspaper. We will also make them available to local elected officials, police departments, school districts, and the health department, as well as TRIDEC and the Visitors and Convention Bureau if the findings seem relevant to their improvement.

Knowing one cannot fix what one doesn't see, we hope that those who read the results will find places to improve and build a stronger community for everyone regardless of social, cultural, or economic background.
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