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Applying for jobs in Norway (English edition)
There are many Norwegian books about how to apply for jobs, however this one is quite unique. Written specifically for those who did not grow up in Norway, it will guide you through the job-seeking process step-by-step and help you crack the hidden codes in the Norwegian job market. You will learn how to sell your personal qualities and competencies in a credible and culturally acceptable way, and discover what Norwegian employers prioritise when they select their candidates. This book should help you become an informed and well-prepared job seeker, which will boost your self-confidence when you apply for jobs.
Kunsten å søke jobb i Norge (Norwegian edition) - pre-order
The Norwegian edition will be published 15th October 2018. and you will be receive this book by the end of October. If you order it as a package together with 'Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn', you will receive 'Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn' approximately two weeks after payment and then 'Kunsten å søke jobb i Norge' by the end of October 2018.
Working with Norwegians/Kunsten å arbeide med nordmenn
This is the guide to understanding Norwegians in the workplace and their social life. The book provides insights into both formal codes of conduct and unwritten rules, and will make you a more informed and confident colleague, business partner and friend. The book is also useful for Norwegians who want to reflect upon their own culture and learn which traits of the Norwegian culture are hard to deal with for foreigners.
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