District 66 Spring 2017 Call for Presenters

Entertainment, engagement and empowerment are three effective routes of communication that all point toward the minds and hearts of your audience. Our club mission is to empower our members to develop communication & leadership skills. Our district mission is to build ourselves up toward achieving excellence. How can we use the 3 tools highlighted in our theme to achieve these goals?

Perhaps you have a message to share or a lesson to teach that focuses on at least 1 of those tools in a 60-minute educational session. If so, we need you!

All applications & responses must be submitted by FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24th!

To be considered, complete and submit the Call for Presenters application along with a bio, digital photo, program outline, and reference. You may also wish to provide a link to videos of your presentations. Your digital photo should be emailed to springconference@district66.org.

Only Member of District 66 Toastmasters will be considered unless specifically invited.

Submission Deadline: February 24, 2017

Notification of Selection: March 15, 2017

* If you have any questions, please email springconference@district66.org. *

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