Modularisation on Android
Whilst there are some blogs and conference talks about modularising your Android app, there's no 'gold standard' or recommended way of doing it. There are however, many of us who have modularised our apps and learnt a whole lot about it - but there's been no way to compare approaches and figure out how to improve on them, other than by directly chatting to engineers from other companies. This survey aims to address this!

Please have a think about each question and give as much context as you can. The details are the interesting bits!

I will publish the results, to make them known to the Android community, so everyone can learn and benefit from the experience of others 🚀.

How many modules does your app have? *
If you work on multiple apps, feel free to pick your favourite/the one you work on most often/mention the differences between them
Your answer
What build system do you use to compile it? *
What kind of modules do you have? *
Android library modules, pure Kotlin/Java modules? Some combination of both? If so, what proportion do you have of each?
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How are your modules split up? *
By feature? By something else? What layers do you have in your setup? Please give details!
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If you split by feature, what does a feature module look like internally?
Is it the whole feature? Does this include networking, for example. If so, how do you share data across other feature modules that might need it?
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What common or base modules do you have? *
Where do you put stuff that isn't a feature? What are the responsibilities of these module(s)? How do they interact with other parts of the app?
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How does your app deal with navigation? *
How do you navigate to a screen that isn't in the current module?
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Do you have any future plans to change something about how the modularisation works? *
Perhaps something didn't work quite as expected and could do with improvement
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How many engineers work on this app? *
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What company do you work for?
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Would you like to say anything else?
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