LATA Scholarship Application
LATA Scholarship Information
- One $500 scholarship is available each year. Applicants will be eligible to receive a scholarship only once. They are non-­‐renewable.
- Acceptance of a scholarship includes permission to publicize the award. An article/blog post is to be submitted by the award recipient for publication on our web page. Recipients may also be invited to present at our annual conference.
- Granting of a scholarship award will be contingent upon completion of the designated coursework/degree program. Proof of completed courses/degree must be submitted to receive the award.

Criteria for awarding scholarship:
1. All scholarship applicants must complete this form.
2. Only residents of British Columbia will be considered for this award.
3. First priority will be given to LATA members, with priority given as follows:

a. Currently practicing LA teachers taking a degree/diploma program in special education;
b. Classroom teachers taking a degree/diploma program in special education;
c. Students in a graduate program or undergraduate students preparing to enter the learning assistance field (not currently practicing)
d. Students taking summer learning assistance/special education workshops (including currently practicing teachers).

4. Demonstrated financial need will be a consideration.

The award will be formally awarded at the LATA fall conference upon receipt of proof of completion of designated course(s), e.g., a transcript.

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