Application for East-West Center Participant Study Carrel
A limited number of study carrels in John A. Burns Hall (JAB) are now available for current EWC participants .
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1. Study carrels are allocated to degree fellows and student affiliates who are on active EWC participant status and who are physically present at the East-West Center. Those on leave, field study, or other absences or who have completed their EWC participant programs are not eligible.

2. EWC participants who do not have an office or study area at their University of Hawai‘i Department will be given preference.

3. Study carrels are allocated based on the following unranked priorities:

- live off-campus with children
- in the latter stages of degree completion, i.e. preparing for comprehensive exams, writing a thesis or dissertation
- course overload or unusually heavy schedule
- other compelling reason

Those who do not fall within these priority groups will be waitlisted in the event that space becomes available. Please note that study space is not assigned as an alternative to project space for those who are involved with EWC research projects.

4. Assignments are made on a rolling basis, in the order that applications are received.

5. Assignments are made for one semester. At the start of each semester, active EWC participants who have a study carrel may submit a renewal application. Renewals are considered along with new applications and decisions will be made based on the priorities listed above. Failure to submit a renewal application will result in the termination of the study space.

6. If needed, a waitlist of applicants will be kept in chronological order.

7. Study rooms are not to be used as short-term or long-term storage areas. Study rooms should remain clean and tidy at all times. If a study carrel is not in active use for multiple weeks, notice will be given asking the participant to vacate so that others may use the space. If no response is forthcoming, personal items will be removed and the space re-assigned.

8. Study carrels must be vacated, and the key returned, upon completion of the participant's EWC award.

9. Questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to your program coordinator.
Study carrels rooms are located in JAB 2034, 2046, and 2052. There are eight study carrels in each room. A key will be provided to you for your assigned study carrel room. A desk, chair, and bookshelf is provided in each study carrel. Wi-Fi is also provided through the EWC Wi-Fi network.
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