C. McDonnell - Productivity 2020
Help me decide which writing adventures I should take you all on!
First Kingdom Files #1: Delve into the backstory of Chrissy Windster and the Casters of the Kinetics Universe in this spin-off that shows family can be both a God-sent Savior, or a twisted, dishonest manipulation of trust. Chrissy gets yanked into a magical tug of war between her own mother's secret organizations and her father's royal army of Casters. Both want her safe, unharmed, and cared for, but both their methods and motivations could use a few major blows to the noggin. And Chrissy wouldn't mind dispatching the kicks to either parent, if it would knock some sense into them. Good thing she's practically omnipotent. Well, someday she would be, at least.
The Oroni Rebellion series: Meet Phoenix, a girl with an angel and a demon bickering in her head. She's one of an extremely rare type of magic user, one with angel magic, demon magic, and elemental abilities: abilities of which only one of them usually is blessed per magic user at birth. When Nix and her best friend get pulled into a Rebellion against her diplomat father, her piece in this crazy world was no longer 'freak'. It was now 'blackmailing secret weapon'. Now, with the secrets of her past and abilities slowly becoming known, Nix will have to make a tough decision. Side with her father and the corrupt government of Encanta for safety, piece of mind, and stability in her life? Or side with the Rebellion and with the kingdom's Most Wanted traitor to right the wrongs and learn the truth? (I've written drafts for 1st 2 Books in series, so this would be working on Book's #3-5) *
Scribes #1: Are books all original ideas that authors create and control? Or could authors really just be oblivious historians, recording the stories of strangers on other worlds or realities? This intriguing premise is the base of this series, where you meet a businesswoman named Paige Sawyer with a few kids to wrestle with and a fiance to wed in a few months. When a man from her long-shoved-away childhood memories comes to visit, she's pulled into a new job title: A Scribe. The some stories Scribes write somehow affect real, living universes, putting each individual's fate of life or death could be in the hands of a Scribe. Others are just ones Scribes document. However, when sinister people within these worlds become self-aware that they are on a bad side of a specific story's outcome, they will do anything to change their luck and chances to ensure they will come out of top. That kind of stacking of the deck ends up pulling Paige in unwillingly, when the man who killed her parents yanks Paige's daughter into Paige's own story, she knows it's up to her to dive into her own childhood story and rescue her daughter herself. In this post-apocalyptic world, where a factory explosion spreading over most of their world, the blast granted children on their deathbeds a lifesaving, superpowered, magical medical cure, but adults with terminal illnesses into skilled, zombie-like fighters, This man who drags Paige into her own universe wants to experiment on the children to find a cure for the adults that got plagued after the blast. Only problem is he'll need to kill them to experiment properly, and these blessed kids can't be killed by any method in their world. But, unfortunately, Paige could be too late to stop him. Because now, her parents' killer has brought back a gun. *
Chaos Accounts: I've written the first Arc in this series (stories 1-5), but still gt 3 more Arcs to go. For those of you who have yet to read any of THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS, the story is about a conflict of interest pertaining to superpowered people called MetaHumans. You've got the cautious, meticulous side - the MRC - and the side that thrives off of chaos and adrenaline - ChaosBlaze. Blaine, a shy introvert that has an oddly interesting talent of being able to mimic any voice and personality he ever wanted to, gets dragged into a war between the MRC and the Blazers, because apparently his type of MetaHuman ability is a rare one. As both secret weapons and bargaining chips at times, Blaine and his best friend Luz slowly unveil the truth bit by bit, trying to keep each other safe, while trying to stop ChaosBlaze from achieving their final goal. This war has been going on for decades. The Blazers seems to know how they want to end it for good. And it looks like they'll need Blaine and Luz to accomplish it. *
The Grey Side of Chaos: There was once a legend, predicting four Saviors who would end the conflict of the Lite and Darke entities in Thayria. Two magicals, brothers but not knowing it. Two humans, one with the mark of the Angels, and one with the mark of the Demons. These fur would come together; it's inevitable. But, if Darke's Director has anything to say about it, the Saviors will not succeed. As the truth of their whole society and history comes to light, these four young adults and some companions along the way realize the Legend needed to happen: the war ending without a winner. Because if they didn't try, the war between the magical communities would be compromised, which is what Darke wanted all along. They needed to find a ceasefire way to win. But, when both Lite and Darke refuse, the gang learns the truth of life: that most situations are neither Light nor Dark, but a Grey area that is near impossible to fight. *
Next Gen Andersen / Next Gen Redux: So, for those of you familiar with the many stories of Hans Christian Andersen, consider this. What if these stories actually happened? Maybe not in our reality, but in potentially infinite realities? When conflicts start between different generations descended from the original characters and their stories, they start to form sides. Some families go off the grid to protect their progeny, others go full-out in eliminating other lineages. Because if the last person of each lineage dies, so does the original story, and those generations vanish off the history of their realities in an instant. --- This project both includes novels that are the main conflict told above, and also backstory short stories for some of the key characters or their companions within my NextGen universe. *
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