WRITING:Chose the correct answer A, B or C (1 mark each one)
Your answer
1. She´s ________________paper.
2. There are ________ rulers.
3. They like to ___________marbles.
4. My father has a brother. He is my _______________
5. A ___________works in restaurant.
6. Keisha has ______ cat
7. A giraffe is tall. ______ neck is long
8. Cheetahs ___________long legs, but hey can run fast.
9. Can monkeys climb trees?
10. We __________do the homework after school.
READING COMPREHENSION:Read and circle the correct answer. (1 mark each one)
11. Sonia and Sally like to jump rope
12. Lola likes to skate.
13. Billy and Taro like to play checkers
14. Luke and Cindy like to ride bikes.
Read and find the 7 days of the week. ( 1 mark each one)
Your answer
15. Look at the picture, read and complete the sentences with the correct prepositions of place. (1 mark each one)
1. The clock is ____________ the wall.
Your answer
2. The ball is ___________ the table.
Your answer
3. The cat is ___________ the armchair.
Your answer
4. The carpet is _________the floor.
Your answer
16. Listen to the teacher and choose the correct picture (1 mark each one)
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