JMU Staff Community Service Day
Wednesday, July 8th
9 AM - 11 AM

Are you a member of JMU’s Full Time Classified Staff? Did you know that you are allotted Community Service Leave each year that can be used right here in the Arboretum? Join us in spending a partial day working outside in the gardens! Come prepared to work in clothes that may get dirty. Gloves and other necessary tools will be provided, light rain or shine.

Light snack is provided.
Name (First & Last)
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Terms & Conditions
I agree by submitting this web form, that I understand that participation in this activity is entirely voluntary. I understand that activities in natural areas may involve certain physical hazards, including but not limited to the lack of immediate medical services due to remote location. I consent by signing this form to hold harmless JMU and any of its agents, officers and agents and the EJC Arboretum in consideration of being allowed to participate as a volunteer. I understand that JMU cannot undertake financial responsibility for me or my personal property in the event I am injured or my personal property is damaged or lost while volunteering. I confirm by submitting this web form, that I do not have on my record felony distribution of drugs or violent offense and am not currently facing felony charges for either distribution or violent offense. I hereby verify that I have no known medical condition which would impair my ability to participate as a landscape volunteer. I further authorize and grant permission to treat to first responder(s) to save life, limb, or physical well-being, should medical treatment be necessary and authorization be required, should I be incapacitated during the activity.
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