Co-op Needs N'at
We're glad you came to our recent event! If you couldn't make it, or you're coming to one for the first time, we'd like to know we can all help make the cooperative business movement stronger and increase real work opportunities in it.

This will take just a few minutes. Thank you!
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Did you enjoy the event?
Was it welcoming?
Did you learn helpful things? What were they?
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Did you make some good contacts for your work, community, or life in general?
What do you need help with?
Would you like to be part of a "platform co-op"? That would be a web site and app for customers to find you, to book customers, handle scheduling, and take care of payment, like the ride or task booking apps, but you would be one of the owners. You could be a member owner as a customer, service or goods vendor, or both!
How can you help the cooperative movement?
What kind of events would you like to come to?
What kind of events would you like to help organize?
Are you now a business owner or interested in starting a business?
What type/product/service? By the way, cooperative businesses are in almost every industry sector.
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Are you interested in being in a worker cooperative with union membership, so that you can benefit from broader the resources and benefits they offer?
Are you a business owner thinking of selling your business or retiring?
15. Would you like us to contact you about your options selling your business as a worker-owned cooperative?
Is there anything you'd like to tell us that wasn't covered above? Ideas, people or organizations to reach out to, and other feedback is very welcome!
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