LSU New Orleans SLOE Request Form
Congratulations on completing your EM rotation. In order for us to process your request for a SLOE you must complete this form in it's entirety. Please upload a completed copy of your CV, personal statement and a copy of your official ERAS form. Please upload all documents in PDF format and name each file with your "LastName_FirstName" as indicated below. If you wish, you may also upload a photo of yourself. No single file may exceed 1MB.

Upon completion of this form you will receive a confirmation email that your materials have been successfully submitted. Please allow four weeks for your SLOE to be completed.

Email address *
Your full name (as it appears on your ERAS form) *
Which medical school are you affiliated with? *
Please upload your completed CV using the following format (LastName_FirstName_CV.pdf) *
Please upload your completed personal statement using the following format (LastName_FirstName_PS.pdf) *
Please upload your official ERAS LOR Request Form using the following format (LastName_FirstName_ERAS.pdf) *
Optional: Please consider uploading a photo of yourself below. Because we have so many students rotate with us, this helps us more easily keep track of who all you wonderful people are! Be assured that these photos are used solely by our Clerkship Director's team for identification purposes only. They are not attached to your official SLOE and will never be shared, distributed or repurposed. All photos will be deleted once your SLOE is completed. (LastName_FirstName_Photo.pdf)
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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