Global Meeting of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
21-23 March 2019
Berlin, Germany
Shifting gears, building momentum
In less than two months’ time, the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots will hold a global meeting in Berlin, Germany of its members and allies from around the world. The objective is to shift gears and move our work to preemptively ban fully autonomous weapons to “the next level” and convince states to launch negotiations now on a new treaty. The campaign is also keen to leverage its presence in Berlin to convince the German government to move from its rhetoric on banning killer robots to actually working towards that goal rather than focusing on unambitious measures that fall short of a prohibition.
A detailed agenda and participants guide will be shared by email with campaigners once their registration has been received and confirmed.

21 March: All campaigners are strongly encouraged to participate in several outward-facing events and activities. In the morning, there will be a press conference to release a sign-on letter from German NGOs followed by a visual stunt. In the afternoon, there will be an orientation followed by a public event and reception.

22 March: The first day of the global meeting will focus on substance and content matters, such as the common elements of our desired ban treaty and the pathways for achieving that goal.

23 March: The second day will include practical workshops aimed at supporting national and regional campaigning.

Please fill-in this online form to register for the Global Meeting of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.

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For more information, please contact:
• Ground Organizer – Martin Hinrichs,
• Logistics – Isabelle Jones,
• Media – Clare Conboy,
• Agenda – Mary Wareham,

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