California Water Data Challenge 2019: Commitments
All stakeholders are invited to contribute and collaborate on California Water Data Challenge projects, activities, and initiatives. Select commitments will be highlighted through the duration of the Challenge at our autumn Summit + Awards Ceremony.

What is a commitment?
California Water Data Challenge commitments are new, specific, and measurable actions that will be taken by community stakeholders in support of demonstrating the value of open data -- in assessing what we know and preparing for a more resilient future. Examples of commitments can include:

* Hosting workshops, roundtables, hackathons, and other convenings throughout the summer to build, test, and improve prototype solutions to the Challenge

* Broadening access to additional data, technology infrastructure, tools, and resources aligned with the Challenge

* Supporting next steps from the Challenge, whether through local deployment, mentoring of participant teams, seed-funding, or other mechanisms

* Providing prizes and awards to the diverse data science teams dedicating their time and energy towards the Challenge

Please note that while the focus of the Challenge is California Water Data, commitments from partners and organizations outside of the state are welcome, and collaboration across the region or nation is encouraged.

Our organizing team is available to work with you on capturing ideas for commitments and identifying potential partners for shared commitments: email with any questions or ideas beyond this form.

Thank you for your interest and support!

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