/r/JustNoMIL Moderator Application 2020
Once submitted, your application will be added to our pool of potential mods. We pull from this pool whenever we feel we. If a part of your application has changed at any point, please modmail us to update it, rather than filling out a duplicate application.

If you haven't heard back from us and would like to follow up on your application, you may send us an inquiry via modmail after two months.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited to fill out a second application where you will be asked to respond to a handful of hypothetical scenarios.

If your application hasn't been accepted after four months and you would like to be reconsidered, you may send us a request via modmail.

(The easiest way to send a modmail is to send a PM with the recipient as "/r/JustNoMIL".)
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All JustNoMIL must meet the following expectations. Please check each box if you agree to it. Applications where not all boxes are checked will not be considered. *
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Do you have any experience moderating? If so, please include such details as where, for how long, and community size. You are also welcome to list experience outside of Reddit. Please be descriptive. *
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Have you applied to be a mod here before? If you have, you are welcome to apply again. We have a lot of old applications marked "maybe," so it couldn't hurt. *
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What type of hours do you think you'll be around for modding?
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Do you have any experience using Discord? If not, are you able to add the app to your computer and your phone?
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Due to the size and nature or /r/JustNoMIL, we are often the target of trolls. Is your account secure and free of information that could be used to find your Real Human Identity? *
We believe diversity is essential to the success of any team. If you feel you offer a unique perspective in any particular area (culture, occupation, ability, religion, etc), please let us know. *
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Why do you want to be a moderator at /r/JustNoMIL specifically? *
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