Yellow Fever 1793
Answer sheet for Part One
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What are TWO connections you can make between the COVID-19 pandemic of today and the Yellow Fever epidemic of 1793? *
How would life on Elfreth's Alley, a street designed for a maritime economy, have contributed to the spread of the epidemic? *
How does Dock Street look different today than it did in the late 18th century? *
What is one of the symptoms that Thomas Jefferson mentioned in his letter? *
How did media coverage of the yellow fever resemble today's media coverage of COVID-19? *
Why would Alexander Hamilton have been so particularly concerned about Dr. Rush's controversial theories? *
What role did the Free African Society play in the story of the 1793 plague? *
Rev. Tyler says that Absalom Jones and Richard Allen laid the foundation for the later Civil Rights movement. What is one reason why? *
What number appears on so many of the grave markers? *
Historian David Barnes says that the REAL cause of the 1793 epidemic would have been ridiculed in its time. Why? *
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