New Mixing Lesson Student Form
Working 1 on 1 with you to help with your mixing issues can work a few different ways:

Option 1 "Mix Review/critique":

If you looking for someone to listen and give feedback and specific tips to help you complete a specific project you're trying to finish, i would call this more of a "mix review". For this option, you send me the .wav files of your current mix or mixes we are going to review. Via zoom screen-share i will listen to your mixdown with you in real time, and ask you questions/give you my impressions on what i feel could be improved, and offer some perspective and advice on how to move forward. Depending on how specific we get, sometimes it's also helpful for me to have some stems of your mix so i can show you specifics of how i might look at approaching changes to the mixes. Generally stereo subgroups of drums, bass, guitars, synths, etc is fine for this. If we are getting really deep into things sometimes just sending me a copy of the session for us to go through together is also helpful

Option 2 "Mix Lessons":

If you are looking for help in general, not just for a specific project you are trying to finish, this is the best option. In this scenario, i would ask for you to send me a session you have been working on, either in Logic Pro, or Pro Tools, and we can look through your session workflow, routing, setup, and review any aspects of the process you are having issue with, or that you are looking for a fresh perspective on. This can be fairly open ended, as there are unlimited topics to cover. By filling out the form below it will give us a head start so i can figure out what to spend time on.

Option 3 "Beginner DAW lessons/basic engineering":

This option is for people who are starting out or just getting serious with their DAW and wanting to record and mix their own material. We can cover anything that is needed, from basic signal flow/setting up for recording, mic technique, to workflow while producing/tracking your vocals or instruments. Also happy to help with your home studio setup and give any advice i can based on my experience that could help you get better results.

If this is what your looking for, please read and fill out the rest of the form and ill get back to you asap.
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