Students' thinking and ideas about physics
The submissions to this form will be used to add current and up-to-date misconceptions/ideas/thinking students have about physics to the IOPSpark misconceptions area.

We will not use the data collected in this form for any reason other than to verify the submissions and follow up if necessary.

The form should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.
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Information about the reported idea
Approximate year of lesson(s) in which the idea was identified. *
Most appropriate physics domain *
Age of learners *
Thinking/misconception/idea identified *
Photosynthesis example: photosynthesis is a plant’s type of respiration.                                                                                                                                                
How was this idea identified? Please describe. *
Photosynthesis example: During the pair discussion, it was evident that many students could not answer the question "why plants respire" and could not differentiate this properly from photosynthesis.
Can you describe the teaching sequence in which the idea was identified? (100 words max)
Photosynthesis example: Previous lessons explored plant cells. Started with prior knowledge of photosynthesis (e.g. the substances involved), moved onto exploring the word equation and symbol equation and connected all these ideas up. Students discussed in pairs why plants photosynthesise, why plants respire and why animals respire. Finally, students compared respiration and photosynthesis by completing a worksheet.                                                                      
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