Computer Build Request Form
If you would like a faster turnaround time on a quote. Please come into the store and talk to devin in person.
He is in these hours
mon-wed 10a-4p
thurs-friday 10a-10p
saturday 11a-10p
sunday off.
During march 11th-14th Devin will be on vacation

We get build quotes out on saturday. unless you come in person.

Our current turn around time between deposit and pickup of the final product is about 10-20 days. If we have a lot of computers in queue it could take longer. We will let you know.

Cash is preferred for payment. If paying card additional Credit card fees may be added.

We charge a 10% minimum markup on parts. we cover all parts for 2 years as long as they are not abused through excessive overclock, liquid damages, acts of nature, or crypto mining
For our tech support warranty, it is for the lifetime of the computer, as long as you do not drastically change the operating system configuration.

The reason we set it up a certain way is to minimize problems. And ANY issues with the computer should be brought up to us, to handle it. That's why we have higher prices. We become your tech support.

We are not the cheapest. But we offer transparency and excellent service from a local company.

Tariffs are coming for computer parts. which will increase cost of parts by 7-25%. This is out of our control.

Standard PCs
Build Fee $225 includes
Building the system
Updating bios, and configuring
Professional Cable management

Advanced PCs build fee starts at $275. (Full corsair builds, Lian li o11 Dynamic mini, mid XL, Any Very large case with a LOT of lighting)

Installation of Windows $150 includes
Install OS
Update to the latest version
Install all drivers and essential software
Optimization of OS
Top 2 games installed, ready for you to play once you get home
Tech support warranty

Custom painting will add 1 month to the build time. cost is $300+ for paint and labor

50% deposit required to order parts and start building. Rest on pick up. It can be up to a month later.

We do have a quote fee in place. This allows us to see your interest in working with us. and will go toward the build.
You can pay via Paypal, Venmo, Cash/credit in-store, or we can send you an online invoice. If the quote fee is not paid, we will not be able to prioritize your request. Thank you for understanding.
Venmo @PCGzHawaii or my cell 808-497-9362 im Devin Wolery
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First and Last Name
Gamer tag / preferred user account name *
For Login name on windows
Cell phone *
How did you hear about or contact us? *
What are you using the computer for? *
Our builds start at $1337 before tax, What is your budget? *
If you have a max budget including tax please put that
Do you want financing? *
We use acima financing. We send an application through text message. If paid off in 90 days. its super 0% interest. If paid off in 91-365 days its 30-40% interest. $70 Initial payment paid to Acima.
What games or programs are you using? *
What games are you currently playing? We will do our best to get your top 2 Games installed on the computer. *
Case Size's
Case color preference *
Choosing another color (red, blue, pink etc) Can greatly increase cost of case.
What size case would you like? *
What size case would you like? *
What CPU would you like? *
What GPU would you like? *
We are working on bringing in new GPUs. Availability might be limited for awhile. Prices below are JUST for the gpu. not the entire build.
What cooling would you like? *
Do you need Wifi on the computer? *
Do you have a theme in mind? *
If no theme, What are your favorite colors? *
Do you want RGB lighting? *
Do you want colored power cables inside the case? *
$55 for basic extensions, $120+ for full power cable replacement
Do you want something etched on the glass? *
etching costs $75-150 depending on size and complexity
Additional information
Any special requests or comments *
Include if you are an essential worker, Active/reserve military, If you have specific brands you want for GPU or other parts
How soon do you want the computer? *
Due to the overwhelming number of requests for computer build quotes I will have to start charging a $20 quote fee. A single quote can take me over an hour to research your specific requests and match parts. Getting so many requests that do not end in a purchase is taking up valuable time at a moment where I am the sole operator of this business. If you decided to get the build from me the $20 will go towards your final bill. Thank you for understanding *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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