10 Days Event Registration Form
Please use this form for each presentation/event (panel, march, teach-in, poetry slam, performance, or other event) you wish to host during 10 Days Free From Violence 2019. Please submit one form for each event or presentation. When your submission is approved, the information from this form will be used for the website and program guide.
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Please let us know about the organization sponsoring this event. Provide this information as it should appear in our program and website.
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Event Information
Please share as much of this information as you can. Don't worry, if something about your plans changes between now and September you will be able to modify the details of your event.
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A title of your event, you may change this before September if you need to.
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Help Needed
What are ways Twin Cities Nonviolent can help you prepare for your event?
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Please give us the name, email, and phone of an individual point person for this event.
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This is optional, but if you have a second contact person, please give us their information as well.
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