Rutledge Elementary - Parent Input Form 2018-2019
This form is to help us prepare for the new school year. Your input is optional; however, it is your opportunity to provide additional information to help us meet the needs of your child as we try to create balanced classes.
The following factors are considered when assigning students to classes:
• Student's educational needs
• Balance of ability levels
• Teacher input
• Balance of boys & girls
• Parent input
• Equalizing the numbers of students in all classes

Please do not discuss this form with your child. It can be very counterproductive to a positive start of the school year. Class assignments will be mailed to parents and will be available at Open House in August. It is important to note that staffing changes will most likely occur over the summer. Nevertheless, all of our teachers are HIGHLY QUALIFIED! The principal makes final decisions regarding class placements.

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Please describe how your child learns best (learning needs/styles). If important for your child, include things such as classroom structure, organization, and volume. Also, does your child learn best by hearing, seeing, or experiencing lessons? What are your child’s strengths? What are your child’s challenges? *
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Please list characteristics of a teacher with whom you believe your child would excel. Include things such as energy level, volume, sensitivity, organization, firmness, sense of humor, etc. Please do not request a specific teacher by name as we are unable to fill those types of requests. *
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