Softec Women In Tech Scholarship
Fullstack Academy's Software Engineering Immersive bootcamp in SLO prepares you for software engineering roles at early-stage startups to world-class companies like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

We are offering one full scholarship (valued at $17,610) and two half-scholarships (valued at $8,805) to the Fullstack Academy San Luis Obispo Software Engineering Immersive Program.

The winner will be selected by SLO Partners, the leadership committee for the Softec "Women in Tech" group and Fullstack Academy after completing the form below.

**Please Note**: To be eligible for the scholarship, you must also apply and gain acceptance to the Fullstack Academy San Luis Obispo Software Engineering Immersive program:

** Use the form below to apply for the scholarship.**

Good luck!

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Themed portfolio requirement:
Along with completing the online application form, you are required to submit a themed portfolio of creative work that showcases your hobbies and interests, along with a brief written submission explaining why you aspire to become a coder. You may use any media of choice for your themed portfolio submission (e.g. an illustration, short film, animation, storyboard, comic book, app, photography, creative writing, etc). Please send the file(s) and/or URL for this to and
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