Become a Grim Curio Beta Reader (CLOSED)
NO LONGER ACCEPTING BETA READERS: Due to the unexpected response, I have to close sign ups to beta readers early. If you'd like to be added to a waiting list, feel free to fill out the form. If a beta reader drops out, the next in line will be offered their spot. Thanks again for your interest.

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Fill out this form to become a Beta Reader. Beta readers will receive a free signed copy of Grim Curio upon release, and another cool gift if we can think of something awesome. Your input will directly affect the final product, so it's highly valuable.

The beta reading process looks like this:

- Receive 3 chapters
- Read through, comment, and answer a few specific questions within a timely manner (3-5 days)
- Return chapters and notes back
- Receive next 3 chapters, etc.

Occasionally I (S.C. Barrus aka Cody) may ask to talk with you about the novel over the phone or skype.

There's no obligation to be a part of the entire process, and you can drop out any time. If you choose to drop out early, I'd appreciate being notified. Only readers who read 85% or more will receive the Beta Reader gifts. All beta readers will receive my thanks.

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Are you ok with dark and/or potentially controversial material? (potentially including: violence, unsettling scenes, characters with reprehensible points of view) *
What are your favorite 3 Sci-fi and 3 Fantasy novels? *
I understand that Grim Curio is a work of fiction written and copyrighted by S.C. Barrus. I agree not to share any of it with anyone without permission from S.C. Barrus, and if I steal/claim for my own/plagiarise any of the content, I will be sued and cursed vehemently.
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