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If you are planning to checkout of the Residence Halls or Campus Apartments, please fill out and submit this form. This will allow Residence Life and Housing to confirm that you are no longer living on campus if you are requesting a refund. When travel restrictions are lifted, you will receive information regarding the move-out process/retrieving all of your belongings. Thank you!
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Room or Apartment number *
As you prepare for checkout, be sure you have completed the following tasks:
o Removed all items from fridge and freezer, Unplug and defrost fridge.
o Disposed of all perishable foods in room.
o Removed all garbage from living space.
o Wiped down all surfaces (removing any spilled liquids/crumbs) and flushed toilets.
o Turned off and unplugged all electrical items.
o Made sure you have your laptop, texts books, and all other necessary materials to complete course work.
o Turned thermostat to 73 and turned off all lights.
Please indicate what day you plan to checkout: *
Please indicate what time of day you plan to complete your checkout on the day you indicated above. *
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Based on the day and time period you have indicated above, a residence life staff member will call you to confirm you've checked out. To complete your checkout, the Residence Life staff member must speak with you and ask a few "virtual checkout" questions. Once they do, your checkout will be complete. Thank you!
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