Map Lab: Biogeographic Realms
Use the Biogeographic Realms Map ( to answer the following series of questions below about the concepts related to the ecoregions around the planet.
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1. What is the purpose to studying biogeographic realms? (explain in your own words) *
1 point
2. Summarize the difference between a biogeographic realm and a biome
2 points
3. What is the largest terrestrial biogeographic realm? (Terrestrial - Related to land surface, not ocean surface) *
1 point
4. Which biogeographic realm is most of North America part of? *
1 point
5. Turn on the Terrestrial Ecoregions layer by opening the layer menu in the top left and then checking the box in the pop-up menu. Which biome makes up the largest part of the Afrotropics Biogeographic Realm? *
1 point
6. Look at the three major landmasses that are part of the Australasia Biogeographic realm and theorize why most humans in New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia are clustered near the coasts. (In your explanation include references to specific biomes) *
2 points
7. Which two biogeographic realms appear to be the most similar in their make-up (in terms of which biomes are part of the realm). Explain your answer *
2 points
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