Application Form for Mental Health Employee Resource Group (ERG) Community
Hello! Thanks so much for your interest in Mind Share Partners' virtual community for mental health ERG leaders and members.

This community is specifically for individuals employed at a company and who is leading or a member of an ERG focused on mental health, neurodiversity, and/or disability (or thinking about creating one internally).

This community is intended to:
a) Provide helpful information for those leading or supporting mental health ERGs at companies
b) Create a platform for members to connect, learn, and support each other

After completing this form, we will be in touch with additional information about how to join. If you have any questions, please reach out to
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If you are thinking about creating a mental health ERG, where are you currently at in its formation? Describe in 1-2 sentences (e.g., developing a business case, trying to get buy-in from leaders, waiting to talk to HR, etc.). If you have created an ERG already, skip this question.
Please rate your company’s culture around mental health.
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As we grow the ERG community, what level of participation would you be most interested in? (Select all that apply). Please provide additional ideas in the "Other" field.
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