The Dread Family Mystery
Welcome to our Dread Family Mystery virtual experience! Disney implemented an amazing mystery in the Haunted Mansion queue involving the Dread Family. We decided to make it virtual, until we can get back to the parks and see it in person!

All of these tasks can be done on your computer/phone, but you may find it helpful to have a piece of paper to sketch down ideas and clues on.

A correct answer will take you to the next task. An incorrect answer will give you a hint and ask you the question again. If you still are stuck, take a guess and you will automatically jump to the next task.

You will need to use the slideshow linked below to view the statues, epitaphs, and other details. Everything you need is in these clues - you will not need to Google anything. But, there might be some extra information included that you don't need! Keep the slides open in another tab, you'll want to refer to it during the escape.

Open the slides:

If you are having trouble opening the slides, it is likely due to your sharing settings on your gmail. Try signing out of the school/business gmail and opening it again.

And click next to start the game!
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