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“Free your mind and let go of everything that you know as your creativity redefines the very meaning of intense.”

Yuvaan'19 presents-A Song of Winged Words-an on-the-spot bilingual creative writing contest to let you showcase your writing prowess. After all,
Who needs a wand when you can create magic with words?

Rules and Regulations
No of rounds :1

JUDGING CRITERIA : Content, Creativity, Originality, Vocabulary and Linguistic Proficiency

1. Participants need to submit a written entry(prose, poetry, drama, or any combination of any other style of writing) based on the prompts provided.
2. The entries can be in either English or Hindi.
3. Judging will be done separately for both languages.
4. There is no upper limit of participants from a particular college. The judging however shall be done individually.
5. The submission must be done within an hour of starting time and must not be more than 2000 words long.
6. Entries must be an original piece of work. Plagiarism of any sort is highly discouraged and can lead to immediate disqualification.
7. Content should not be defaming /abusive towards any community, person or place.
However, individual opinions can be stated with decency and decorum.
8. Any form of illustrations (graph, photography, hand sketch) is not allowed.
9. Abusive, obscene or exorbitantly erotic content will be immediately disqualified.

Date: 17 January 2019
Venue: Delhi Technological University
Entries will be accepted in both English and Hindi.

Registration Fee: ₹50/- per person
Prizes worth ₹15k to be won

For queries, contact :
Prateek Verma

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