The Ultimate 'Best Solo Long-Term Cycle-Touring Tent' Survey

We know the criteria — weight, size, livability, waterproofness, colour, versatility, freestanding-ness, longevity — and we know which tents are on everyone's shortlist. There are always compromises, but the question is: which of these tents strikes the best balance and gets the most actual recommendations from experienced users?

This survey is a 2013 consensus vote for that 'best bet' tent; an informed decision made quickly for the individual who's off on a big solo bike trip and doesn't want to get bogged down comparing specifications and reviews, and has a bit of money to spend on good gear.

The results will be analysed, written up and published on my blog,, for the benefit of the long-distance cycle touring community.

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    That's all — best to keep these things simple. Thank you for your input! More surveys to come on other key items of gear...