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Thank you for your interest in the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers’ mentorship program. Please complete and submit this form. We will contact you if we are able to identify a suitable mentee for you.
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Background: The Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (“FACL”) is launching an online digital mentorship program (“the Program”). The Program aims to connect law students with legal practitioners, and help them obtain mentorship and guidance. Program organizers firstly collect information from prospective participants by listing questions on Google Form, then use the answers collected to create mentor-mentee pairs. Once a pairing is made, the program organizer informs the mentor and mentee by emails containing the name, contact information and organization name of the counterpart. Any information collected will be used solely for the administration of the Program, namely, to develop and announce mentor-mentee pairs. Information collected will not be shared with anyone except the program organizers from FACL, and the corresponding mentor/mentee. Consent: I understand that my information may be shared within FACL and with my mentor/mentee for the development and administration of the Program. I hereby authorize FACL to collect, use, and share my information as needed. *
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