We are aiming to learn more about Messy Churches in this unique situation, how they can be better supported and what advice can be given to anyone planning a Messy Church in this context.
An urban estate is a residential area of a town or city in which the houses have all been planned and built at the same time.
What is the postcode of your Messy Church building?
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When does your Messy Church take place?
How often does your Messy Church take place?
What denomination does your church belong to?
What building(s) does your Messy Church take place in?
Have you had unaccompanied children trying to come?
Do you have families that attend regularly?
On average, how many people attend your Messy Church?
On average, how many families attend your Messy Church?
Classing a family as a party of at least one adult and one child who attend together
How many people attend between the ages of 10 and 17?
Has your team had any Messy Church training?
Where are the Messy Church team from?
If they aren't already, is there an aspiration to have Messy Church families on team?
Please explain your answer
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How many people help plan your Messy Church?
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How often does planning take place?
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Is the minister involved?
Do you have a paid lay worker (someone who is not ordained) involved?
Have you encountered any particular safety / safeguarding / health and safety issues with running a Messy Church on an urban estate?
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How is your Messy Church financed?
Does your Messy Church follow the "normal model"? (welcome, activities, celebration, meal)
Is there anything you’ve had to change / adapt when working on an urban estate?
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Are there any special considerations you feel are unique to your context (the geographical area in which your Messy Church is based or the people you work with)?
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Do you use any of these resources?
How do the team see discipleship happening?
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Have you tried anything extra to encourage discipleship?
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What do you find joyful/encouraging about your Messy Church?
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What do you find challenging about your Messy Church?
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Is there anything else you would like to share about your Messy Church?
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If you are willing to be contacted further about your Messy Church for the purpose of this research, please leave a contact name and phone number or email address below.
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