Questionnaire No. 2
Department: *
Year/Semester: *
Please rate the teacher on the following Four Point Scale:
Name of the Teacher: *
Academic Year: *
1. Knowledge base of the teacher (as perceived by you): *
2. Communication Skills (in terms of articulation and comprehensibility): *
3. Sincerity / Commitment of the teacher: *
4. Interest generated by the teacher: *
5. Ability to integrate course material with environment/other issues, to provide a broader perspective social & national environmental needs: *
6. Ability to integrate content with other courses: *
7. Accessibility of the teacher in and out of the class (includes availability of the teacher to motivate further study and discussion outside class): *
8. Ability to design quizzes /tests /assignments / examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course: *
9. Provision of sufficient time for feedback: *
10. Overall rating: *
Suggestions if any:
Feedback Date & Year: *
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