Physics and Astronomy 308 - Projects
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Please enter your full name so that I can identify you on the class roll.
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Who are your partners in this project? *
If any, please list the names of your partners. Each one should respond individually to this site so that I have a way to know who is working on what.
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What short title would you like to use? *
Ask your partners to use the same short title in their responses too.
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In your own words, tell me what you want to study and briefly what you expect to find out. *
You should think this out and write a summary of your own, but before you put it down here, discuss with your partner(s) and coordinate a response that is consistent. The next question will ask what your role will be. Think of this paragraph as a abstract that summarizes a longer, comprehensive study.
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What will your role be in this project? *
This applies if you have a partner so that each person has a defined role in the project. If you are working alone, take this space to outline what you think needs to be done.
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