Casa Coatl Programming/Event Proposal Form
Casa Coatl is an autonomous community center and brave space in so called Boyle Heights, unceded Tongvaland. It is sustained by the OVAS and the extended psyco-brigade family who all volunteer their time and rotate various roles throughout the year. All events/programming that happens at Casa Coatl must align with the community agreements/acuerdos. This form can be used for both single day use and for seasonal/monthly/yearly programming. Please submit at least two weeks prior to an event and at least a month prior to programming. All proposal forms to be reviewed by the core for consensus. You will be contacted to confirm within 1 week of submitting. Thank you.
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Casa Cotl has only about 20 chairs, one large circular table and a banquet table. We have wifi and a projector. Please bring your own laptop and hdmi cable.  We are currently not hosting any indoor social gatherings due to covid-19.
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Casa Coalt does not receive government funding or corporate sponsorship. This contribution goes directly to pay for rent and utilities (Water & Power)
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I have read, signed, and agreed to the terms of the Single Day Use and for seasonal/monthly/yearly programming of Casa Coatl Contract. If any interpersonal issues arise I will be open to participating in a transformative accountability process *
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