Terms and Conditions of Training
The full session fee will still apply if you do not arrive for your appointment and did not call to cancel (24) hours in advance. If you are more than (15) minutes late for your appointment, it will be considered a no show and full session fee will still apply. If you arrive late for session, it will not be extended and will finish at the scheduled time. In the event of sudden Personal Trainer illness the session may be rescheduled. If your Personal Trainer is more than (15) mins late for scheduled appointment, it will not be extended and will finished at the scheduled time. You will receive one session free
A $30.00 administration fee applies to each payment returned NSF. Payments are due in cash within (14) days of notification
All sessions are subject to an agreement within (5) days after receiving a copy of this agreement. No reason is needed. Cancellation must in writing and be delivered with a postmark no later than (5) days the date of this agreement. The payment received from you will be refunded within (30) days business days of receiving the cancellation letter. Any sessions already conducted will be charged at the individual session fee and deducted from their refund.
Medical Freeze option – If you become ill or injured and have been advised by a physician to temporarily discontinue sessions, any remaining sessions will be held for a period of up to (12) months from notification of injury or illness. You must complete a Medical Freeze Activation Form and provide a physician’s certificate. Payment will continue as scheduled. A physician’s release is necessary for you to return training.
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