2018/19 Preschool Application
Thank you for applying to our preschool for the 2018/19 preschool year! If you are unfamiliar with our program and classes, please first visit http://opendoorlife.com/weekday-preschool to learn more.

Registration fees (non-refundable) are due at the time of registration. Registration is based on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This form works just like hard-copy registration...one form must be completed for each child being registered. Thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: Information cannot be saved on this form for submission at a later date. This form takes about 5-7 minutes to complete. If you hit the submit button too early or need to correct submitted information, etc., please call the preschool office at 919-703-0409 or send an email to preschool@opendoorlife.com. Please do not enter the same child twice.

Construction Kids Weekday Preschool at ODC looks forward to serving your family!

THIS FORM MAY NOT WORK PROPERLY IF YOU ARE USING INTERNET EXPLORER. Please try Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers or come by the office to complete a registration form.
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