Parr Media Job
Hey there,

I'm Sam Parr.

I own a handful of small digital products that collectively make high 6-figures in revenue.

I also own some rental properties, have a popular podcast, invest 8-figures a year into startups, a handful of other interesting projects, and one day soon might be starting a new company.

I need help.

Specifically, I need help:

1. Organizing my digital products: customer service, growth + marketing, improving them, making sure different emails are being sent on time.

2. Lots of small tasks: some what assistant-y stuff like making sure my calendar is set up so I can focus on needle moving things, making sure deadlines are being hit, setting up interviews (and documenting them) with potential customers.

80% of this job will be on growing and maintaining the digital product stuff.

I'm looking for someone who can give me 20-40 hours a week.

I've never hired for this role, so things will change as we learn.

I will pay a flat rate + a % of profit on the digital products.

This role is perfect for someone who:

- is early in their career and is ok doing grunt-y type work
- wants to learn about building a business
- is very patient and super organized
- knows how to write -- this will require writing some marketing emails
- doesn't need my attention all the time and is able to roll with the punches

The ideal person will likely work for me for 1-2 years, take a larger role in the businesses that I have, or quit and use their skills and new relationships to start a business or get recruited at a high paying gig (with my support!)

You give me some results and time, I give you some money + new skills, and hopefully this will lead to a much bigger career.


*Must be in United States.

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