Winter Orientation 2021
Hello New and Transfer students! We are looking forward to having you join us at Warren Wilson starting on Thursday, January 14th. Remember check-in for orientation is from 9 am to 10 am that morning.

In order to better prepare for your arrival, please take a few minutes to fill out the following questions. Orientation runs from Thursday, January 14 through Sunday, January 17 (mornings through after dinner) and sessions are required. We will have small group in person sessions, virtual live sessions with administrators and departments, as well as recorded videos to review.

In order to give some distance for folks moving in on Thursday, we have a few time slots and we ask that you limit the number of family members with you to just 1 or 2 so we can work to make your move-in experience COVID safe. Please fill out the options that fit your schedule best for that day. Because we want to spread folks out, we will not have a Full Family program, but a session for your parents/family members to attend. Lunch is included for them on that day.

Should you have any issues or problems attending winter orientation, please contact Tacci Smith at or 828-771-3748. Thank you in advance and we'll see you in a just over a week!
Last Name *
Preferred First Name (we will use this for your packet and nametag) *
WWC email address *
Student ID# *
Cell phone number *
I am a *
Food inquiry (gluten-free? vegetarian/vegan? allergies? sensitivities? other? please explain) *
Will you be bringing a Nebulizer or CPAP/BiCPAP with you to campus? *
Will you be bringing a laptop computer with you to campus. Every student should have a way to do virtual learning from their room during this year. *
Move-in Help/Family member information
Because we are trying to limit in-person interactions and germ spreading during move-in, we are requesting that each student be responsible for moving their own belongings into their room. We also hope to limit additional people on campus so we ask that you only bring one person with you for move-in. Lunch will be provided that day for student and helper, then meal plan begins on the day of your move-in assignment and all meals are covered for the Warren Wilson Student during Orientation.
Family Orientation (Thursday, January 14) includes free lunch for any family members attending. Please include names and how many lunch tickets needed for family members (WW student is already factored into the lunch count for that day). *
Will any of your family members require special accommodations during their visit to campus? (we cannot promise that we will be able to accommodate all requests) *
If you answered yes or maybe to the previous question about accommodations, please explain. (we cannot promise that we will be able to accommodate all requests)
Email address of person assisting me with move-in (everyone will be emailed a symptom checker a few days before arrival). *
Transfer and new student move-in is scheduled for Thursday, January 14. That day: *
On January 14th, What time of day is best for you to move-in on: *
Is there anything else you would like to share with us about move-in. Please list any issues or difficulty you would have with being assigned a certain day or time.
Any additional information you feel we should know before your arrival on January 14th?
Thank you again for your responses!
More details of Winter Orientation will be sent to you soon! Thanks and take care!
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