Application form: JP3-TRUBAR-2020
Additional information: Katja Stergar +386 1 369 58 27, katja.stergar(at)
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1. Applicant details
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Correspondence address (if differs from above):
Tax ID number: *
Person responsible and function: *
Contact person and function: *
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Email (The Slovenian Book Agency will use thise email to send all important messages regarding the application.): *
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Bank details - IBAN: *
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Name of bank and branch: *
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2. Details about the publisher and the project
Have you previously already published books by Slovene authors in your programme? *
If YES, please state which books (author, title) or play:
Have you previously applied to calls for applications from the Slovenian Book Agency? *
Your publishing and distribution network references (your publishing programme – you can insert a link to a catalogue of your publications, state the number of books published annually, list any awards received by your publishing house or books, etc. describe your distribution network and possibilities that contribute to the visibility and access to your books): *
Planned promotional activities by the applicant in relation to the book issue being applied for (any planned hosting of the author, advertisement, PR, participation at book fairs, literary festivals and other public events and professional gatherings, etc. Presentation in the media etc.): *
3. Details about the issue
Original title (If the original is an anthology or other form that is not an indirect translation of an existing publication, please state.): *
Original author: *
Original illustrator:
First published by (publisher and year of publication): *
Language of proposed publication: *
Rights holder: *
Number of pages and format (cm) of original: *
Number of characters with spaces / number of verses in original: *
In cases of illustrated issues % of illustrated material (approximate): *
Type of print: *
Type of binding: *
Planned circulation: *
Planned date of issue (For this call only translations that have not been published in book form before 1. 12. 2019 or will be published at the latest by 1. 12. 2020 will be considered.): *
Will the book also be published as an e-book? *
If YES, please state on which platforms the book will be available to buy or borrow:
Genre: *
A brief presentation of the chosen literary work (theme or summary of contents, any rewards or nominations): *
4. Information on translator (if there are more translators, their details need to be filled out individually)
Name of translator: *
Key bibliography of translator with an emphasis on translation from Slovene and other references: *
If this is the translator’s first translation from Slovene, please justify your choice of translator:
5. Planned financial structure
Expenses/printing costs (EUR): *
Financing requested from the Slovenian Book Agency (The Slovenian Book Agency finances up to 70 % and maximum 3,000.00 EUR of costs.): *
Other co-financers (name of financer and amount in EUR):
Own means (EUR): *
6. Applicant's statement on fulfilment of the terms of participation in the call for applications
I/We hereby declare, that I/we fulfil the general and specific terms of the Slovenian Book Agency's public call for applications JP3–TRUBAR–2020. *
I/We hereby declare, that I/we have looked at all the relevant documentation of the Slovenian Book Agency's public call for applications JP3–TRUBAR–2020 and fully accepts its terms. *
Place and date *
Please note: In cased of subsequent finding that the applicant does not fulfil the terms of the call for applications, the Slovenian Book Agency will reject the application.
Applicants should submit the completed application form within the deadline for submissions in electronic form (by filling out this) and send printed out version of the application form OBR1-TRUBAR with all the mandatory attachments by registered post or in person every weekday between 10 a.m. and 12 a.m. to the address: Slovenian Book Agency, Metelkova 2b, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. An application is considered to have been submitted on time if JAK receives it in electronic and printed form before the deadline for submissions. If an application is sent by registered post, the date of posting is the date JAK will count as the date of receipt of the application. Registered post that does not state the time of posting is counted as having been sent on the date of posting at 23:59 hours.
Only applications submitted in written and electronic form will be considered complete.
For countries where sending the application by regular mail is currently not possible due to the COVID-19 epidemic, applicants should submit the electronic form, scan the entire application documentation and send it as an attachment by email to Please state the name of the applicant and the wording JP3–TRUBAR–2020 in the subject line.
Applicants who are submitting applications for more than one project should send each application separately in its own envelope and also fill out the relevant forms for each project separately.
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