Individual Reflection Diary
These diary submissions will be acknowledged by the Sharing Perspectives Foundation team but they will not be shared with other students. This is therefore a personal space to record your feelings and thoughts over the 10 weeks of this programme. This record will provide the foundation of your final reflection assignment.
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We are looking for 1-2 paragraphs that address at least one of the four elements in a critically reflective way:
(1) The beliefs, values and experiences that shape your own particular standpoint on this theme;
(2) How the beliefs, values, experiences shape the perspectives of other members of your group;
(3) The dynamic in the group such as the challenges, achievements your group faces and how relationships develop in the group as a whole;
(4) The theme of the seminar and how you relate to and are affected by it.

Here are some questions that you can use to help you get started. Try to choose a different one each week:

What particularly struck you about today’s discussion?
Have you changed your views after listening to your peers?
Was there a viewpoint in your group that made you think about the issue differently?
Did you empathise with a fellow group member?
Did you feel in conflict with a fellow group member?
What do you notice about the way you function as a group?
What observations have you made about the group dynamic?
What alignments/conflicts did you see amongst the members of your group?
What levels of complexity did you discover when discussing the theme today?
How emotions arose when you were exploring this theme?
How did the issue discussed today affect you?

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