CTVN Video Instructor Student Rubric Assessment
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Standard 1.1 Artistic Production: Identifies skills, knowledge and abilities
Standard 1.2 Artistic Production: Uses variety of technologies, techniques, and processes
Standard 1.3 Artistic Production: Demonstrates care and respect for equipment
Standard 1.4 Artistic Production: Applies innovative and creative thinking
Standard 3.1 Critical Thinking: Communicates effectively *
Standard 3.2 Critical Thinking: Analyzes and evaluates how media texts are used
Standard 3.3 Critical Thinking: Evaluates how creative techniques are used
Standard 3.4 Critical Thinking: Creates media that effectively communicates issues
Standard 5.1 Media Literacy: Analyzes how language, tone, and POV are used
Standard 5.2 Media Literacy: Describes differentiating characteristics of media
Standard 5.3 Media Literacy: Creates media that conveys message to audience
Standard 5.4 Media Literacy: Communicates intention and implication of media
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