Peaked Gaming Community Streamer Application
Application for Peaked Gaming Community Streamers
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Benefits of joining Peaked Gaming as a Community Streamer
* Free shout outs and community support for social platforms when tagging @peakedgg
* Affiliate discounts on current or future partnership deals
* Twitch community networking and lurk support
* Customized graphics for representing Peaked Gaming as a Community Streamer
* Special Discord role and private streamer channels
* Streamer spotlight features on social media and Peaked Gaming website
* Community support with raids and game nights together
Peaked Requirements
* Must follow all Twitch/YouTube/Mixer/Facebook/Twitter ToS (Must be able to act as a role model for the community)
* Must have saved past broadcasts turned on.
* Must be of the minimum age of 16 years old.
* Must be active in peaked gaming discord with minimum level 5. Type !rank to check
* Must add the peaked logo as a panel on your Twitch page.
* Must participate in community raids when possible.
* 2 streams or uploads per week.
* Friend and follow PeakedGG twitch page -
* Mod "eezBot" in your Twitch Chat ("/mod eezBot") (peakedBot only available to Patreon Backers)

[Bonus points for streamers who watch, lurk, follow or even sub other members. Please if you are able, lurk everyone that is live. Leave a tab open on 1% volume or if you mute the stream fully and change tab the view doesn’t count!]

*Failure to meet the requirements after acceptance may result in losing the Community Streamer role*

*Can be updated at any time without notice. All documentation on google drive is final

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