Austin Cluster Devotionals
Please use this form to report your new regular devotional, or to update data for a devotional already reported. Regular means holding your devotional at least once a cycle.  

Collection of information by the Area Teaching Committee is very helpful in our efforts to continually increase our understanding of the nature and quality of the devotional. For example, we are learning about devotional gatherings as  “the embryo of the local  Mashriqu’l-Adhkár” and about how to increase our capacity as devotional hosts.

We are all also striving to meet the goal of every family holding a regular devotional---a goal set recently by our National Spiritual Assembly and Regional Baha'i Council.

The term “family” is being used in the broadest sense -- those whom we live or interact with regularly, be it our children, spouses, siblings, parents, “extended” family, or our “spiritual” family. But no matter how our family is presently shaped, the goal and intention is to have universal participation in collective worship at the most
fundamental level of community life.

Please reach out to the Area Teaching Committee with questions you may have, or if you would like help in planning or carrying out your devotional.

With warmest appreciation for all your efforts!!  
The Area Teaching Committee

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