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Thank you for attending Anthrocon 2018!

We would appreciate if you could spend a few minutes to fill out the survey found below. ALL FIELDS ARE OPTIONAL.

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Before and After Anthrocon
When did you arrive?
How did you Arrive?
When did you leave?
Which hotel did you stay at?
Tell Us About Your Anthrocon Experience
How likely is it that you would recommend Anthrocon to a friend?
Where did you hear about Anthrocon?
Why did you attend Anthrocon?
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What events did you attend?
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Did you take advantage of the hotel shuttle service? If so, how many times did you ride the shuttle to or from the Convention Center?
Help us improve: What did you like most about Anthrocon?
This can be in reference to any aspect of the convention: the convention itself, the programming, the staff, the hotel, the hotel staff, or anything at all about the City of Pittsburgh.
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Help us improve: What did you like least about Anthrocon?
Is there something you didn't like? We want to hear about it so we can address it before next year's convention.
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What's the furthest you walked from the Convention Center for food?
Help us improve: Do you have any comments or corrections to the Dining Guide?
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Tell Us About Yourself
What is your age?
What social media websites are you active on?
Do you intend to come to next year's Anthrocon?
Would you like to volunteer at next year's Anthrocon?
Volunteers can earn free t-shirts and membership to the following year's Anthrocon. If you are interested, be sure to tell us your email address below!
Help us improve: Do you have any additional comments?
If there's something that isn't covered anywhere else, this is the place to do it! Please make sure that you leave your EMAIL ADDRESS if you would like us to follow up with you.
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Lastly, which of these is your favorite?
What is your email address?
It may take time as we recover from this year's convention, but we read ALL of the survey responses. If you want us to reply, please tell us how we can get in touch with you!
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