Addressing Our Needs for a More Racially Inclusive Township: A Community Partnership Between West Orange Residents, Elected Officials and Township Leaders
In the wake of the injustice of unarmed black bodies being victims of police brutality and the recent senseless killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, and Ahmaud Arbery, we want to offer residents a platform to share so we can begin the work to eradicate violence against black bodies, dismantle racial injustice and address racial disparities.

We can begin the work to build bridges to fortify our community against racism and racial injustice. That work begins with YOUR voice and action. We are not in this space to be prescriptive but to help create space for your voice, engage in community dialogue, collectively move toward action, and to unify our community. It begins with us.

*This survey was created in collaboration with Dr. David E. Jones, Board Member Terry Trigg-Scales and myself.
How do you feel our Township addresses racism?
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What does the township do well to address racism? Please be as specific as possible.
How do you feel our Township addresses racial inequality?
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Law Enforcement
Food Insecurity
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How have you been impacted by racial inequality in our Township?
What are ways the Township can move toward greater racial equity and justice?
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