PBDC Housing Request 2019
Thank you for your interest in the Princeton University Ballroom Competition! Please answer the following questions regarding housing for the competition! Please answer all questions with numerals instead of words (i.e. answer "2" instead of "two").

We will be accepting inquiries for housing as late as October 12th, at the end of regular registration. Note that housing is generally first-come, first-served, though we will try our best to accommodate everyone. If there are too many requests for housing, decisions may also be made on the basis of distance from the competition.
What is your school name? (N/A if unaffiliated) *
Email for Team Captain/Representative: *
Would you like to request housing for Friday, October 18? *
How many dancers from your team will need housing? *
Please enter the name, gender, and email of all team members requesting housing, on separate lines *
e.g. John Doe, M, jdoe@college.edu
If you need housing, at what time do you plan to arrive?
Do you have any specific questions, concerns, or accommodations that you would like us to know about?
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