MZU 2019 Winter BIY League Feedback Survey
Now that our Winter BIY League has come to an end, we're hoping to get some feedback on some of the Gender Equity initiatives that were used in this league. Please fill out the survey below, and if you have any questions or concerns, please email

Players that fill out this survey before May 31st will be entered to win free registration* for our 2019 Summer League! In order to keep these survey answers anonymous, after submitting your survey answers, you will be redirected to another form to fill in your name and email, where you will be entered to win the free registration*.

*As registration will have closed by this time, the winner will be reimbursed the $55 registration fee. If the winner is not registered in the 2019 Summer League, they can transfer the prize to another player that is.*

Your answer
What was the final standing of your team in the 2019 Winter BIY league?
Were you a captain of your team?
How many years have you been playing ultimate?
Which of the following best describes the position you play on the field the majority of the time?
Are you aware that MZU has a gender equity committee?
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