NORTHLAND Swim Lessons
We would love to provide swim lessons for you or your children. We form our classes based on interest. Fill out this form and we will contact you!
***JOCO residents please go back to the SWIM LESSON page and click on the JOCO swim lesson button!***
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Swim Lesson Options
AT THIS TIME WE ARE OFFERING PRIVATE AND GROUP SWIM LESSONS. These lessons can be scheduled at a time that fits the instructor and the family making it a very flexible option!

There will be 8 lessons in each session.

Private Lessons (1-2 children)
- $15 per lesson ($120 total/child)
- 30 minutes long
- Days and times will be arranged between parents and teacher

Group Lessons (3+ children)
-$10 per lesson ($80 total/child)
- 45 minutes long
- Meet daily Monday - Thursday (Friday is makeup day) for two weeks

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Swim Lesson Registration
If you have multiple children you would like to sign up for swim lessons, please fill out separately as instructed.
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